Letter to Action Church

Primarily for all Action Church family/members:
We concluded our series this past weekend on the End Times. If I am honest, I am glad we are past that series. It is needed drastically in The Church, but also is very information overload that causes confusion many times. I hope we were able to simplify the Scriptures for clear understanding. Check out the series on the Action App or online at http://www.ActionChurch.ms .
I mentioned a few things in the message this past Sunday that I want to bring clarity on. As a pastor during these crazy times, it has been some of the most discouraging and aggravating season I can remember. I am thankful for technology and our broadcast platforms because we are reaching more people than ever before! People are giving their lives to Jesus on our broadcast platforms every single week and it serves as a great venue for those who can’t make it to the physical location every week. However, I still believe broadcast shouldn’t be a substitute for gathering. I get that many want to be safe due to Covid and we encourage that, however, we have to guard against new habits forming in our walk with Christ. It is easy to just logon for an hour and halfway watch/listen to preaching than it is to gather, worship and experience His presence corporately.
Many have chosen to just find an internet preacher that fits their preference in personality more than connecting to their local church for whatever reason, and I can understand that in some sense. Loyalty and dedication is a missing commodity in the American culture today and it is grievous to those of us who pray for and care for people and their spiritual lives.
I serve on a school board and we opted to open our schools when there was an apparent tropical storm headed our way. We opted for this because we had solid concrete confidence and meteorological insight that most of what we would get in Ocean Springs and south Mississippi was rain and very slight wind, if any. If today is any indication, we were absolutely accurate in our assessment as a School Board. However, the demeaning, hate, cruel and personal attacks by folks about this decision YESTERDAY was enough to just make me want to really question why I even serve people on the School Board… The moral to this story is that we so many times lash out, slander, gossip and ridicule everyone that doesn’t have a narrative that is exactly like our own. This is called pride, self-centeredness and self-absorbed along with dishonorable and rebellious. And that my friend, is what concerns me in the American Church.
I see The American Church operating, living and conducting life no different than those who don’t live for Jesus. This is upsetting. This is discouraging and heartbreaking.
People that we invest in, counsel with, walk with, protect, lead, guide, pray for and consider to be family and friends will quickly turn and run somewhere else when the narrative doesn’t fit their preference or prerogative.
So having said all of of that, at Action Church, we are going to begin a season very soon that we are calling “The Pursuit”. We will be looking at Current Cultural Christianity and compare with the Early Church and Biblical Christianity by studying primarily the teachings of Jesus and what it means to be a follower of His according to Him, not according to our americanized Christianity.
The hope and the prayer is that we would align our lives in a way that honors, testifies and demonstrates a Christ-first life-style so we can live in the full freedom that Jesus died for us to have on this earth.
Will it be a challenging season, yes. Will it be rewarding, yes. Following Jesus cost us something. A lot more than just logging on a webcast or a podcast for 30 minutes a week.
We will be challenging the Action family to join us for a time of prayer and fasting for 21 days. More details coming soon on that.
In conclusion, the more I read God’s Word and the more I observe how we live today as Christians, there is a significant gap in what The Bible instructs us to do than what we actually do. We will talk about all of this.
I want to invite you on the journey with us. We will officially begin this season on September 1. I will detail more information next Sunday at Action Church.
Finally, thank you to all of our Action family for your dedication, humility and loyalty as we grow in this season of chaos and confusion. The bait of the enemy has been extremely easy to digest during this season due to all that has been happening in our world, but for those of you who stay the course, are encouraging me and my family along with the staff and leaders, I can’t say thank you enough. It means the world to me and I know we are going to impact the Gulf Coast in a greater measure than ever before. We see you. We pray for you. We appreciate you and even your social media posts supporting your Action family and the mission God has called us to in South Mississippi.
Have a great week… More to come soon! I look forward to seeing you soon!

2 thoughts on “Letter to Action Church

  1. Good word Pastor. I agree that this is the way the church of today needs to devote itself to if we are to not only survive but thrive in the days ahead. The world needs us to thrive and I think this is the way to go!

  2. I get fed by my local church and loyal to what Jesus is doing in our community. But Action church is my multi-vitamin. My 6 Day energy drink. Thank you for weathering the opposition and standing for Jesus. God continue to bless the Action church community.

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