Husband, Father, Pastor!

I have the greatest family in the world and am blessed to be the Pastor of the Greatest Church on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Collective Church!

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. I hope you check this Eric. Months ago, while my boyfriend was out of town, I showed up to your church for the first time. And I really felt welcomed, and I think for me, the message was great, atmosphere, the music, everything about Oassis/Action I loved. Now my boyfriend is catholic, and I am not. But, he lost a bet so he has to come with me tomorrow to y’alls Christmas service. Last night, we kind of got into a fight about it a little bit, and I told him, don’t come if you don’t want to. He said that he had an experience at Oasis that has left chill bumps on his skin, even up to today. It was a couple years back, he attended Oasis, and it was a pretty busy service, But my boyfriend, Alan, really needed to talk to you, Eric. Like he needed to hear words from you, right then. And he said all the staff he talked to, to try and talk to you, all gave him the same response, “He’s too busy to talk to you.” or “His booked up with talking to people today.” And I think that really just hurt him, deep down, like he wasn’t important enough to be spoken to by this pastor he just listened to for an hour. I really want him to give Oasis/Action another chance. We will be attending tomorrow, and I hope and pray we get an opportunity to speak with you.


    1. I find that very difficult to believe fully and am sorry to hear that. Yes, there are alot of people that attend the church and I am not able to personally sit down and have an appointment with anyone on Sunday, but I am always in our commons area talking to every single person that comes by after the experience is over and we do have pastors on our staff that are available to help people personally since I am not able to do so on Sundays.

  2. Good morning,

    My name is Elisa Sozo and I live in Kansas City. I met you and your wife at the end of 2008 as a server at an Italian restaurant in Biloxi. My husband and I soon moved to KC, MO and you supported us with a check. We have had extremely valuable experience at the International House of Prayer here. I have not forgotten your kindness to us 10 yrs ago. My heart still longs to build up the HOP on the coast. Wondering where your vision is on this?

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