3 thoughts on “Posts

  1. I m verry glad to be connect whith in facebook,
    Try if it s possible to skype me like you writed to me for tomorow 6.30 CST
    Thank you sir , my greatting to your family and to all oasis

    Pastor daniel k
    oasis ch / DRC

  2. Hi Eric. I hope you remember me. My husband, Bill and I used to be on staff at Word Alive and we saw you and Toni a couple of times at services and once went to lunch with you in Oxford. I keep up with you and your church on Facebook and am happy to see how your church is progressing and growing. I looked up your blog for the first time today and thought it was wonderful! Great stuff for those in leadership and potential candidates! Keep writing! What a great connection tool and teaching forum. I’m writing a blog too. Through it I’m hoping to make the reader realize that there is an inner muse that inspires creativity through the different seasons of our lives. It’s a challenge for me to write it every time but I feel it’s something God wants me to do. I’m going to follow your blog for inspiration and because I know you are “real.” If you wish to take a look at mine, it is http://www.themuseinme.com. See you in the blogger’s world!

    1. Of Course I remember you guys!!! Thanks for writing! It is great to hear from you Donna! Please tell Bill hi for me!!! Thanks for following the blog, I looked at yours and will do the same!! Keep it coming!!! Stay in touch and I again really appreciate you writing!!

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