Collective Lead Staff Appreciation Month

Every September, Toni and I like to recognize all the lead staff members at Collective and honor them and their families. These are the leaders that lead the teams that make Collective the special place that it is. We can’t say enough of how thankful we are for each of these leaders and their families for their humility, passion, loyalty and desire to inspire others to live for Jesus! These are the people that lead the real heroes, the volunteer Dream Team! Take a moment and say “thank you” to these servants for their leadership, inspiration and love for the … Continue reading Collective Lead Staff Appreciation Month

“Post-truth Culture”

We are in what is called a “Post-Truth Culture”. What that means is that “truth” is in the eyes of the beholder. Whatever people want to be “truth” is their “truth”. Regardless of actual reality or absolute truth. Folks can post things on social media and say things that are not even close to being factual and it is presented as “truth”. This should not surprise us as Christians. Paul Instructed Timothy In 2 Timothy 3: But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, … Continue reading “Post-truth Culture”

Where have the men gone?

Just in my lifetime, what has shifted with culture has been alarming. We are in the middle of a pandemic with Covid cases increasing in drastic numbers, Christians can’t get along with one another, social media bullies are everywhere, and men are becoming girls. There… I said it. I see pastors on social media and men on social media completely disguised as women… ok, maybe not fully disguised, but it is really hard to tell the difference anymore! Let me explain: As my wife says, a woman wants a man to be a man. A man is a protector and … Continue reading Where have the men gone?

The Early Church

We are working on a new series / season at Action Church that we are calling “The Pursuit.” The idea is to look at the Biblical Early Church and see what Jesus expects for us as His followers and then compare that to what we actually do. It will be a challenging, inspiring and transformative season as we will also begin a 21 Days of prayer and fasting as we pursue God more in our daily lives. One of the key Scriptures that has stuck out to me in my study is this: Acts 2:42-47 NLT All the believers devoted … Continue reading The Early Church


If you are anything like me, everyday there are opportunities for frustrations. It is easy to get frustrated over what we see happening in our nation and world, on the job, in our schools, the political arena, etc. We tend to get frustrated with church and church leaders and sometimes, just everything! Ever wondered why? Other than the fact that we are living in tense times and everyone seems to be on edge,  we are naturally always looking for the negative in every situation, conversation, social media post and comment. I am trying to live my life by the principle … Continue reading Frustration

Letter to Action Church

Primarily for all Action Church family/members:   We concluded our series this past weekend on the End Times. If I am honest, I am glad we are past that series. It is needed drastically in The Church, but also is very information overload that causes confusion many times. I hope we were able to simplify the Scriptures for clear understanding. Check out the series on the Action App or online at .   I mentioned a few things in the message this past Sunday that I want to bring clarity on. As a pastor during these crazy times, it … Continue reading Letter to Action Church

Church “hurt” and the Blame Game…

I have heard and read recently of so many folks who are blaming the “church” for their hurts and glamorizing the fact they are hurt from this or that. I am not going to minimize the fact that there is hurt in the church, however, many times the “hurt” that we experience is for our own maturation and growth. No one has ever grown to another level or matured in anything without there being some hurt and pain. Take weightlifting for one, we wont develop a more muscular bod or achieve physical health sitting around pampering our emotions and consuming … Continue reading Church “hurt” and the Blame Game…

‘Tis The Season…

I will try to keep this as short as possible, but I hope you take the time to read all the way through and give me your feedback. November and December is such a special time each year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, family time, Christmas Experiences (Services) at church and all the many other reasons that makes the season special. I love the spirit of the season. However, there is also a dark side of the season. As we have stated each year and we read more and more about each year, people struggle with depression at an alarming rate and suicide … Continue reading ‘Tis The Season…

Leadership Challenge

Leadership is a challenge regardless of how much experience you have in it. Leading people in itself is a challenge and especially as a leader in the church. Expectations most of the time are higher than what we are able to fulfill, therefore, frustration with those we are leading is birthed. As a leader, I always have to evaluate my leadership and take a look in the mirror on what I am doing and if I am being effective. I have learned a few things in the 20+ years of church and corporate leadership that I want to share with … Continue reading Leadership Challenge