Oasis Church was birthed in Pascagoula, MS in 2005. My wife and I moved to the coast with a vision for a creative church without walls! Our desire was to reach out to people from all walks of life and denominational backgrounds.

The Church was birthed with 12 people and now has a weekly attendance between 300 and 400 and growing rapidly.

With the vision to reach the lost and un-churched, Oasis has been blessed to witness thousands of people give their heart to Jesus within the past several years.

Please visit Oasis.Church to check it out!

Come and be a part of what The Lord is doing at Oasis Church Gulf Coast!



4 thoughts on “Oasis.Church

  1. My family and I visited your church today for the 1st time and had an awesome experience. It was funny that you mentioned today about people not having a church family due to the fact that they are burnt out for whatever reasons. I too loved my precious church but due to no order in the church I gave up on a feeling that I was looking for in a church family, needless to say I got goose bumps when I came to your service today. I absolutely loved the experience and look forward to returning soon. However I didn’t quite catch the information you gave about the I church app.

    Thank you sincerely

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