Leadership Equipping…

I am doing a leadership development conference tonight in Long Beach and have been reflecting on some thoughts and ideas today. I have come to the conclusion that any leader’s job is not to just LEAD in the position they are in, but to train OTHERS to lead!

This is a dilemma and a problem in most church circles because someone wants to be THE SUPERSTAR or the only figure head of authority and they need to be careful.

Accountability a must! Team work is a Mandate. Jesus was constantly investing in the Disciples. Why? So when He was gone, they would continue the work that He started. Who are you investing in? Who is going to continue the work you begun if you are a leader, pastor, etc.

On my staff at Oasis Church, we have adopted a rule and a principle for all department heads and leaders… WORK YOURSELF OUT OF A JOB! We should always be looking for people to invest in for leadership not just look for people to follow us!

As a Lead Pastor, my primary job is to equip and to train and to develop. I love what I do because God has called me to do this very thing, but the reward of seeing someone succeed and overcome because of some mentoring you do with them is priceless!

Invest in someone today…even if it is just a smile and a kind word… you never know what kind of difference you may be making…

until next time….

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