Reflections from the weekend…

WOW! What a weekend at Oasis Church! At least 16 salvations in the one AM Experience! TRULY AMAZING! That never gets old! The hands went up so fast yesterday I almost choked up myself! It is truly amazing to see The Holy Spirit drawing so many unchurched lost people to His Church in these days we live. Indicates to me that the time is so short!

I have learned a few things… people desire truth in every aspect of life and my job as a pastor is to present God’s Truth even if people wont like it! We started a new series titled “Christmas is For… Giveness” yesterday and  man oh man!! HAve a I heard the stories today of How God is moving in people’s lives!

We will continue that next week as we continue in this line of forgiveness…  I really believe this Christmas is going to be very special, even more so than years past for most, because of what The Lord is doing in the hearts of His people…

Another thing I have learned as that people are going to let you down. Even those closest to you. Spouse, staff, family, whatever, people will fail you. All you can do is stay consistent yourself and not let it move you when others mess up. Have grace, mercy and deal with love, but always deal with integrity.

We saw close to 300 people at Oasis Church yesterday morning and I am learning more and more as this church grows, the more I am responsible for. It really is humbling and we all should make every day another opportunity for The Lord to humble us before Him and others as we advance His Kingdom in these last days! He is pouring out HIs SPirit and these are truly the most exciting times of all history!

One thought on “Reflections from the weekend…

  1. Jamie Young December 7, 2009 / 10:54 pm

    You are definitly on the right track at Oasis. In the short period of time that I have been there I have learned so much and have realized that we all fall down but it’s up to us to get back up, wipe off the dirt and keep it moving. I thank God so much for all He is doing in you and Oasis. It’s a beautiful thing. Bless you Eric I pray God continue to work through you and that all the lost souls be touched and saved in Jesus name. Love ya brother in Christ, Jamie Young

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