Transitioning for Positioning…

I believe that is the word of the season!!!! Everywhere you look things are changing and transitions are occurring. Spiritually, Practically… Everywhere.

I started a series of talks on being Blessed By The Lord and have one more week to go. We started what we are calling the Blessed Test for new tithers to prompt them to tithe as The Word says in order to receive overflow in their lives. We even challenged them… if after 90 days, they didnt see the blessings of The Lord in some way, not just financially, they could request a refund from the Finance Dept and we would refund their giving… Now on my end, that takes faith being the pastor. But then again, Doesnt The Lord say He WILL BLESS if WE Test Him in this? Stretching… Transitioning into obedience in every area… why? Positioning for OVERFLOW!

We have new staff taking the ranks at Oasis. A New Youth Pastor (PRAISE GOD!!!), Media Director, and other areas. Alot of transitions… The Lord is POSITIONING each of us for something great in His Kingdom. He may be doing the same in your life. If you are in Transition, He may be positioning you! Hang on! It is going to be a great year!!!

Our Rewards and blessings from God is always tied to our Obedience to Him and His Word!

We are planning 2 new series coming up in a few weeks…Next week we start a series titled “Unstoppable!” This is about vision and the positioning of God in our lives as individuals and corporately as The Church. After that we are looking at a series on the Presence of God in our everyday lives… titled to be determined but it is shaping up to be something along the lines of Encountering the Power of God…

Anyway, enough about that… my wife has a blog page too… make sure you stop by and check her’s out… it is .

Have a wonderfully blessed day! It’s going to be a great year!!!!!!!!!!!

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