Just thinking… and other random stuff…

This upcoming weekend is Toni and my 11th anniversary! It really doesnt seem like 11 years ago we were in Gatlinburg, TN saying our vows! BOY HOW TIME FLIES! We have a 7 year old who will be 8 in a few months… I am really starting to feel old!

This upcoming weekend at Oasis Church, I will conclude the series titled “Losing Your Religion”. NEXT WEEKEND, Toni will be speaking on Mother’s Day with a powerful message to all mothers, women, and EVEN MEN! You dont want to miss that!

Several new things taking shape as transition continues to happen. Higher Grounds Cafe at Oasis will be opening in a few weeks during the day to serve coffee, frozens, pastries, etc as Red Cup Coffee Company will close its doors locally and Higher Grounds will begin serving Red Cup product. Come by and support this venture as all profits will benefit the Student and Children’s Ministries of Oasis Church. There will be some food items served, that is still to be determined. The hours are not yet determined either, but stay tuned.

Yes, this past weekend I had something weird happen to me as I was speaking Sunday morning… I apparently got too hot and broke out in hives or something on the platform… that has never happened to me like that before. It was extremely distracting to me and very noticeable to several folks, especially those on the front rows. But I am ok… Thanks for all who have sent emails asking… I appreciate it greatly! I was fine by the evening Encounter Experience… it could have been the wool jacket I had on… I may be allergic… And by the way, The jacket was going to be used as an object lesson anyway, but I became too distracted and forgot to use it… maybe next time!

I am studying now for a new series we are looking at launching after Mother’s Day. I believe we may do a series just titled “The Gospel”. This series will follow on the heels of this one we are in and lead into a series of teachings that I am extremely ready to get into about integrity, character, responsibility, and society that we are going to do. There are some traditions and values of yesteryear that we really shouldnt have left beind… Our Society is a reflection of life without the values that were learned by many in generations past… We will dive into that for a summer series….

Last weekend was a great weekend for the Kingdom at Oasis… At least 14 people gave their hearts to Jesus, attendance was great in both experiences and expectation is at its highest!!!!

Have a great week folks… Thanks for taking the time to read…

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