New Year… New Beginnings…

The year started Sunday at Oasis with at least 8 people surrendering their lives to Jesus! That always excites me as I believe the key focus of God’s Church is to win the lost to salvation in Jesus! We ended the year seeing at least 1060 people come to salvation by accepting Jesus Christ!! THAT IS AMAZING! Ok… now for 2011…

Personally, I know The Lord is working on me still as He always does in each of us. There are some definitive changes and directions I feel that I am being led to in my personal life in order to establish better order and also in the vision for our church. I feel as we really took some steps of faith last year to be outside the box, this year will be even more unorthodox. I am believing and expecting for a greater year this year than last year with our church as we make plans for relocation and/or expansion for the benefit of reaching more people in our city and region.

Personally, my focus will be more precise on the most important things in this life. My family and My health. I spoke several months ago on the power of the word “no”. I have really had to learn that sometimes you have to say “no” to the good in order to accomplish and attain the best. And sometimes, you have to just say “no” without having to give explanation. I will be selective in what I commit to and say “yes” to this year as I want to keep my focus and priorities in order.

I am believing this year to be a year of awakening in our city, region, state and nation but I also know that it will first occur in our homes. Let’s have revival! But let not revival be just a service or 2 you attend… let there be revival of your heart and the key priorities in your life so that you can walk out the true purpose and destiny that The Lord has for you this year… I plan on it for myself and my family… Let’s have a great 2011!!!

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