Update from this weekend…

What a Weekend!! Let’s Rewind… WHAT A WEEK!

Personally, this past week has been one of great challenge for me and my family. Sickness has invaded our home with my wife and son both being sick from sinus cold and infection… I seemed to have broken a rib playing basketball last Thursday and in the midst of all the chaos and trouble… We had one of the greatest weekends on record at Oasis Church!

A crowd of close to 600 this past weekend, at least 22 decisions to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and an AMAZING Presence of The Holy Spirit in our 11:00 Experience and a TV interview with another pastor highlighting our churches and the racial segregation still in the American Church! This is not just a story, this is history! It is also the Nielsen Rating story for WLOX that will air next weekend most likely.. stay tuned.

I reflect back on the last 6 years of being on the Gulf Coast and remembering my first year or so here, it is amazing to see how far not only we as a church have come being that we started with 12 people… but after Katrina, there seems to have been somewhat of a unity being established in this area that I believe is going to shape our region for an outpouring of God’s favor, love and empowerment!

I have made so many great connections and friendships have been formed that are life-long. The gentleman that sit on my overseer board are pastors and friends that I have only known since Katrina.

With all that being said, the exposure of this story that will air on WLOX will not only speak volumes for Oasis Church, but I believe the message of unity across racial and ethnic boundaries will help unite this area like never before… especially the Church House.

I reflect on this past year and we witnessed:

The Saints winning the Super Bowl // The Auburn Tigers winning the National Championship // The greatest year of harvest at Oasis Church (over 1000 people got saved!) // the greatest growth percentage wise in our church (150-600+ in 1 year!) // Many marriages restored and I could go on and on…. It was a very special year for me as a pastor seeing that many lives impacted through this ministry, being a faithful Auburn fan, being a Saints fan, relationships that were birthed, and the many other things I could mention… So what does Auburn and The Saints have to do with that greatness and discussion of what God is doing?

Dreams came true. Dreams that were once thought to always be dreams became reality. Hope Arose… Destiny is being unlocked for the followers of Christ who surrender their everything to Him, Husbands and moms and daughters and sons are being saved… And that my friend makes for an amazing Year, but…. I believe even on a larger scale, The Best is yet to Come…. Especially for HIS CHURCH.

Thank you Oasis Church… This is really one special place… Let’s expect greater together!

2 thoughts on “Update from this weekend…

  1. Nicole January 24, 2011 / 2:19 pm

    I am blessed to be a part of Oasis. I’ve never looked forward to going anywhere else the way I look forward to coming here. It’s like going to your “Father’s House”…and He’s always home. Oh yeah, Pastor Eric. Congratulations on the Championship, but they still brought it home to Alabama. ROLL EAGLE!

  2. Steven January 24, 2011 / 11:54 pm

    Thanx Eric for just being an awesome messenger for all God can and WILL do thru Christ…

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