Ok… Here is your Update…

Last weekend at Oasis… One Word… WOW! 2 Experiences Sunday morning with 22 people coming to Know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior as we Began celebrating the 2 year anniversary of Oasis Church! Packed House in the 11:00 and a great crowd in the 9… It is Amazing at what is happening at Oasis! That night we witnessed 6 more people get saved which totaled 28 DECISIONS FOR JESUS SUNDAY!!!! Come on Somebody!! 28!!!!! WOW!

Sunday night we came together with Lighthouse Church and Pastor Eric Brown to have a joint worship Experience with them as they are a predominately African-American congregation to demonstrate unity and tear down walls of segregation… PACKED HOUSE… HUNDREDS Of PEOPLE… WLOX ran a story on it… it was great! I love what Jesus is doing in HIS Church…

So, here we are… 2 year anniversary as a church, in the middle of the 2 largest events we have ever done with the Easter Egg Drop on Saturday of Easter weekend from a helicopter at Pascagoula High Football field and the Easter Celebration Experience at the Pascagoula High School Gymnasium… times are busy! And Stressful! But we all know it will be worth it!

Last Wednesday I spoke on Momentum… tonight we begin a 3 part series with the Wednesday night folks continuing in that train of thought in a series called “Thrive”. We will be talking about not Surviving… BUT THRIVING! We are going to need this understanding for the next 3 weeks entering into Easter where we anticipate Thousands of people will hear the gospel and connect on that weekend! God has called us to do great things in this city and region, just like He has called you to live a Great, THRIVING LIFE! We want to help you accomplish and step into that!

Sundays for the next couple of weeks we will be in the series “mychurch”. I am going to promise you something right now about the rest of this series… There will be people who get offended, ticked off and mad… BUT WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT SCRIPTURE SAYS ABOUT WHAT HIS CHURCH IS SUPPOSED BE… not our denominations and co-worker on the assembly line or at the Ship-yard… We will be diving into that this weekend…

We have a warped view of the Church because of Religion and Tradition and man-made routines that are not even defined in the Bible… Did you know the word “clergy” is not even in the Bible? hmmm… Come Sunday for more… 9 or 11…

Next week is the All-Access Conference in Baton Rouge with ARC.. I am pumped about that conference! I am taking all the pastoral lead team to experience what is going to be a great empowering Conference!!!

ok… that is all… Good day yall!!! Oh… btw… I’m looking to buy me an iPad before I go to All Access… Any of you got the iPad 2? Do you like it better than the first? Ok… bye now!


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