ARC “AllAccess 2011” and other thoughts this morning…

I’m currently sitting in the hotel room just reflecting on some of the great things already happening at the ARC conference in Baton Rouge at Healing Place Church… So many confirmations on what The Lord is saying in these days to His Church! It is great being able to spend some personal time with the Lead Team from Oasis and connect with them on more of a personal level and see them excited as I have been to be a part of the ARC. I can’t say enough about ARC. The Relationships that are built and the support that is available throughout ARC is the main reason I love this Organization so much!

I am so looking forward to the next 2 days of this conference!!! Meeting and connecting with these guys who have been mentors in my life for the past couple – three years is such a blessing!!!

I am also thrilled that for the first time, I have the love of my life, my co-pilot, and my best friend with me on this trip! My wife has never been able to accompany me on one of these trips… Not being familiar with Baton Rouge and all the road construction and other things, I have realized what a blessing to have her with me to keep me on the right street and to help navigate this entire trip! By The Way…. I LOVE BATON ROUGE! Great city! But still, WAR EAGLE!!! Anyway…

Dino Rizzo talked on RELATIONSHIPS last night and how that the vision of ARC, Association of RELATED Churches, was to connect in a very RELATIONAL and REAL way. I have come to the conclusion that there are so many people who dont have real authentic friendships… especially pastors. Some thoughts Dino shared about friendships and characteristics were:

1. A friend is willing to sacrifice

2. A friend is a loyal defense

3. A friend gives you freedom to be yourself

4. A friend is a source of strength and encouragement…

Many of us can say those are pretty important characteristics of a true friend… So do you have that in your life? If not… the other key statement made was “if you want friends… show yourself FRIENDLY”.

I pray we dont do life alone… I pray if you are one who truly needs a friend and solid relationships that you will show yourself friendly and The Lord honor and reward you with deep authentic relationships…!

Oasis… Toni and I love you all so dearly! Our Church is going to do great things in South Mississippi!! Already seeing it!!! Easter is going to be amazing!!! I pray for you all today and encourage you to stay focused on the THRIVE challenge!!! Will see you all this weekend!! Have a great day and amazing week!!!

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