Some thoughts this morning…

There are several things on my mind this morning and some I wanted to share with you…

First of all, the relief efforts for the tornado victims. We need all the supplies we can get or money to send to assist and do what we can to help the people in Central Alabama from these devastating storms. Please do your part! You can give online at and mark it Storm Relief or you can deliver supplies, INCLUDING CLOTHES, to the Oasis Admin offices and we will handle shipping to the centers of distribution. Thank you…

So many things are happening in the world and around Oasis, some have asked about updates on these things so… Here it is… Quick recap of the last week…

Easter Sunday… 82 souls saved with over 1000 in attendance on Sunday, Saturday, over 5000 for the Egg drop…. AMAZING! (Pastors, I hope and pray you had great numbers and life-change stories as well from Easter weekend…).

Sunday of this week at Oasis, 22 people got saved in the 2 morning Experiences! Again… AMAZING! We have witnessed at Oasis at least 520 people giving their heart to Jesus this year alone! There is a great harvest happening NOW! The largest attended 11:00 Experience since going to 2 Experiences was this past weekend… Let’s continue to PACK THE HOUSE!!!

Toni and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary this past weekend… Crazy how time flies! She’s still my sweetheart and I look forward to many many more years!

I hired / introduced Pamela Albanese as the new director of Children’s Ministries at Oasis. She will serve as the Children’s Pastor in “the Wave”. We are excited to welcome Pamela on staff to lead the mission for our children in this region. Rhonda Smith, who has been on my staff for the past several years is still here, just stepping aside as the Director. She will still be assisting Pamela and the other leaders who work in “The Wave”.

A quick word about titles… We don’t do titles at Oasis. We have to define the area that one is responsible for or works in sometimes, but titles are not something that we emphasize. Too many people want a title just for a title… A title doesn’t make you, you should make the title! That is backwards from culture I know, but I just don’t like the whole ego that titles sometimes  does to a person. Everyone wants a “pastor” title or “manage” or whatever… The title too many times is used too loosely. We don’t have time to focus on those things, we just need to focus on equipping people and reaching people for Jesus… He will set you apart and give you influence when your heart is on the ministry or the responsibilities of the position rather than the title of the position… Daniel 6:3 is the key verse for our team at Oasis right now… DISTINGUISH YOURSELVES and see the INFLUENCE increase! Lets just focus on EXCELLANCE! Sorry… Just a ramble there…

We are starting some renovations and update work on campus with the lobby, children’s dept, and auditorium as we are updating the stage set in the coming weeks. It’s just time. Change is good. We will be installing a state of the art computer check in system and member information system for all people who attend Oasis Church… This will be a way to stay connected better and also see all that is going on at Oasis within the membership and such… More to come on that…

Still looking for a bus for our youth… We need one… Let us know if you can help! Call my assistant, Kathy, at 228-762-5639 if you have any leads… Thank you to all who have contributed to this cause! You guys are great!!!!!!

Staff interviews and reviews are this week… Full evaluations of dept. heads and their leadership teams… That will be fun!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, Toni will be speaking in both AM Experiences… There will be a treat for moms too!

National Day of Prayer is Thursday at the Jackson County Courthouse… I will be leading one of the prayers… Hope to see you there!

Wednesday night, Toni continues teaching her series called “becoming” about the fruits of The Spirit… Great Teaching series! If any of you pastors or church leaders want the material, email her at

Ok, what else is on my mind this morning??? It is about staff prayer time at 8:00… So I need to wrap it up. Just some ramblings on what is going on around Oasis…

Very excited about all that is to come!

Have a great day all!!!

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