Keys For Effective Communiction

1. Preach the Bible.

2. Don’t preach your opinions.

3. Help people apply the Bible to their daily lives.

4. Take time to teach on issues and subjects that people are facing in their daily lives.

5. Make it your goal to make disciples.

6. Always teach and preach with love.

7. Don’t teach and preach with a condescending and negative approach.

8. Spend time praying and hearing from God about what to preach.

9. Use illustrations to help your points come alive and to help people understand and apply the message.

10. Take time to study. It takes me anywhere from 7 to 15 hours of studying, fine tuning and going over the message before I’m ready to preach it.

11. Use humor. Laughing helps people drop their guards, and it helps you connect with people.

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