Easter 2012 was an exciting and interesting Easter at Oasis Church! The number in attendance was over 1000 in 3 Worship Experiences as we added another worship Experience to our lineup of Regular Service Experience times. We are going to “test drive” 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30 times for the next month or so not just to help accommodate the current crowds, but to make additional room for more! The 10:00 Experience was Packed at over 100% in seating, children and parking!

The emphasis I want to make in this email is that not everything we did was to appeal to “church people.” We make it priority at Oasis to reach the un-churched! We will do anything short of sin to do so! A lot of people will want to be negative and take away the 1 thing they didn’t like overlooking the 10 things we feel we did right!

We did make some mistakes that I know we will be suffering the negative feedback on. For those, I simply just apologize. The best judgment might not have been exercised in every single detail of the flow of the services, but interesting enough, AN ENTIRE FAMILY GOT SAVED STARTING WITH THE DAD WHO IS ABOUT 50 YEARS OLD! When asked what inspired him the most and what he liked the best, he said the dance to the Adele song because it made him feel comfortable from the very start!!! WOW!

I know everyone didn’t understand why we may have done some of what we done, but God worked in all of it and at least 50 people gave their lives to JESUS!!!!

We are now positioning ourselves to “Go Bigger” and reach more people by adding an additional worship Experience. Join us if you havent already and become a part of the family at Oasis Church!

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, Have a great week!