10 Conclusions I have come to…

1. Jesus is still head of His Church!

2. He Loves People and so should I!

3. People will always talk about you and take what you say out of context, they did Him!

4. Not everyone will love you and approve of what you are doing!

5. He is not a respecter of worship style, He just wants our heart! Sit, stand, clap, dance, shout, raise hand or not, Our heart surrendered to Him is what He looks at. Not the external demonstration! We do those things based on who we are and how we respond emotionally. It doesn’t change God’s view of you!

6. Find out who your friends really are, most people don’t really know until they make a mistake and then those who are really friends come through and those who are not leave and talk about you.

7. You will never be able to please everyone, so dont try!

8. People will leave your church if you do 1 little thing they dont like letting that 1 thing overshadow the 1001 things that you do that they love! Why? People don’t commit anymore and some believe everything you do should be about them.

9. According to Pete Wilson in his new book, “Empty Promises”, anything you put in front of or are more concerned about than God is an idol… We all have idols and sometimes the desire even for success is an idol in our life that we have to deal with… more on this later.

10. I am not perfect. Neither are you. Let’s not try to live like we are! BE REAL! Be you! There’s more life in the long run living a transparent open life! The End… rant over… Have a great day!

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