Measuring Influence

In our Monday Morning staff meeting today, I covered a leadership article I read in a John Maxwell Leadership journal. It had significant impact and created a lot of internal evaluation with our leaders and I wanted to share it with you.


A person’s ability to make things happen in and through others depends entirely on their ability to lead them. Without leadership, there is no teamwork, and people go their their own way. If your dream is big and will require the teamwork of a lot of people, then any potential leaders you select to go with you on the journey will need to be people of influence. After all, that’s what leadership is – INFLUENCE. And when you think about it, all leaders have 2 things in common: They’re going somewhere, and they’re able to persuade others to go with them.

As you look at the people around you, consider the following:

* Who Influences them?

* Whom do they influence?

* Is their influence increasing or decreasing?

To be a good judge of potential leaders, don’t just see the person – See all the people whom that person influences. The greater the influence, the greater the leadership potential and the ability to get others to work with you to accomplish your dream.

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