Staff Leadership Discussion for July 2, 2013

Leadership is like a running head start for a team. Leaders are farther than their teammates. They see things more quickly than their teammates. They know whats going to happen and can anticipate it. As a result, they get the team moving in the right direction ahead of time, and for that reason, they team is in a position to win.

The greater the challenge,  the greater the need for the many advantages that leadership provides.

And the more leaders a team develops, the greater the edge that leadership provides becomes.

If you want to win – and keep winning for a long time – TRAIN PLAYERS ON THE TEAM TO BECOME BETTER LEADERS.

The power of leadership carries over into every field. The business run by a good leader often finds its market niche first and outperforms its rivals, even if the rivals possess greater talent. The non-profit organization headed by strong leaders recruits more people, equips them to lead, and serves a greater number of people as a result.

Look behind the scenes of any great undertaking, and you will always find a strong leader. That’s why I say the difference between two equally talented teams is leadership.

When have you seen leadership (or lack of) make the biggest difference on a team?

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