New Experience Time for Oasis Church

New Experience Time for Oasis Church

Due to the continued growth in the weekend Experiences at Oasis Church and the expected growth during the months of December and January, The staff and leadership of Oasis Church have decided to add an additional worship experience on Saturday nights at 5:00 beginning Saturday, December 21st. The worship experience on Saturday night will be identical to Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 11:00.

This added Experience will help alleviate some of the congestion primarily in the 11:00 Sunday Experience and give another option for those who are unable to attend on Sundays.

Please get the word out and invite your friends starting Christmas Weekend!

We are in the process of paving and expanding our facilities and parking lot area and could possibly go back to 2 Experiences once these projects are completed as it will open up much needed additional space in parking and facilities.

This is a temporary trial run for the remainder of December and possibly January or at least until the facilities are expanded and the parking expansion is completed. We will keep you posted of any additional changes!

Thank you for your continued support and involvement at Oasis Church!!

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