Things to Keep in mind this week…

Special thanks to Perry Noble for the inspiration of this for the week of Easter! COME ON OASIS CHURCH!!!!

#1 – Do not say “NO” for that someone that keeps popping into your head. You never know what is going on in their life and right now may be the BEST time to ask them.

#2 – Offer to buy them a meal either before or after the service. Who doesn’t love a good meal?

#3 – If they are single, tell them they might meet someone cute! (It has absolutely happened in the past).

#4 – Seriously spend time in prayer asking God who you need to specifically reach out to and invite to an Easter Experience! (Saturday at 6:00 and Sunday at 9:00 and 11:00)

#5 – Don’t feel like you have to be a theological expert and know all of the answers to all of the hypothetical questions you have imagined them asking you. You don’t have to know it all! You just have to know that Jesus saves and that’s what we’re going to talk about at church this weekend.

#6 – Don’t tell yourself you will just pray for them without pursuing them. YES…we should pray for people far from God, but we should also be willing to pursue them like Jesus pursued us. 

#7 – Read John 1:43-51 and see that “Found People Find People” really is true. 

#8 – Give yourself permission to be excited about church! If people can get excited about the Instagram picture of their microwave dinner then WE can get excited about people crossing over from death to life. 

#9 – Understand that everyone really does spend eternity somewhere. 

#10 – Realize that fear doesn’t come from the Lord (II Timothy 1:7)! If HE has placed someone on your heart to invite then He has gone before you and prepared them for the invite as well. 

Here is the website for the Experience Times for you to get your ticket!

Let’s do this OASIS!Image

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