Starbucks cups…


An uproar because Starbucks have just a red cup and not a cup with lights and a Christmas tree? We all know that Starbucks is not a Christian company, so therefore, should we really even expect anything Christmas to be on the cups?

Personally, I like the red cups. I like them better than the ones from last year. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing Jesus or a cross or anything Christian on a Starbucks cup. So therefore, what is the big deal? How many of you shop at Wal-Mart? How many of you get gas from Shell? There are alot of companies that you probably patronize that dont support Christmas in the dynamic of worship like we do as followers of Christ. Why don’t we show the love of Christ instead of the uproar and craziness of getting so bent out of shape over the type cup that your coffee is served in?

Am I defending Starbucks? NO! I never expect them to promote Jesus or Christmas in a Biblical form. They never have and only will if the company turns over to people who love Jesus. Why don’t we pray that happens? Just a thought…

If in Pascagoula, just visit Oasis Cafe at Oasis.Church. Our coffee is better than Starbucks and all your proceeds go to a Christ-centered mission!

Christians, there are more important things to get in an uproar for, not a red cup. I encourage you to read this article posted by Ed Stetzer:

Starbucks Red Cup

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