Just a few notes…

Oasis Family!!! What a great night this past Wednesday for our first Wednesday Experience at Oasis.Church! I thank each and everyone of you who were there as it was the largest attended First Wednesday in the history of Oasis! If you happened to miss the Experience, you can watch it here: https://vimeo.com/151048394

A couple of things I want to share with you today…

I made some big announcements last night, the one primary was being a better Follower of Jesus. Watch the video if you missed it. This 21 days of prayer and fasting is a great opportunity to set your priorities and perspective on this upcoming year and what The Lord wants to do in and through you. I hope you have been able to join us each day at 6:00am in prayer and also fasting in some regard during this 21 Days.

Many have asked about the d’Iberville, MS location that was scheduled to launch on January 31. We are not going to launch our second campus on that date. Our trustees are still working out facility opportunities and many things have yet to align for us to successfully launch this campus. We are still looking at some point in 2016 launching a campus in Harrison County. Stay tuned.

The Jackson County ADC (Adult Detention Center)campus is still in the works. We will know within the next week or so when we will be able to go live inside the ADC. Again, stay tuned as we will keep you posted.

Lastly, when I announced my resignation Wednesday I challenged everyone else to resign as well. (Watch the video if you missed it). I believe this to be key for life and freedom that Jesus died for us to have. Let’s be the church like never before this year! 2016 will be the best year of our lives if it is the best year of our lives spiritually!

See you Sunday for part 2 of “Free Indeed” series OR Saturday at 9:00 am for Prayer!

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