Collective Lead Staff Appreciation Month

Every September, Toni and I like to recognize all the lead staff members at Collective and honor them and their families. These are the leaders that lead the teams that make Collective the special place that it is.

We can’t say enough of how thankful we are for each of these leaders and their families for their humility, passion, loyalty and desire to inspire others to live for Jesus!

These are the people that lead the real heroes, the volunteer Dream Team!

Take a moment and say “thank you” to these servants for their leadership, inspiration and love for the mission of “inspiring people to live for Jesus” on the Gulf Coast and abroad!

Nathan Chilton (Students, Pastoral Care, Prayer team)
Billy Moore (Ushers, Pastoral Care) Pictured: Billy along with some of his children, Ashtin, Grace, Karaline and Kayleigh.
Jamie Boyd (Photography) Pictured: Jamie and her husband, Josh.
Jeff Angles (Worship, facilities) Pictured: Jeff’s wife, Heather, children; Andrew, Joshua, Nahla and Fanny.
Jerrica Keith (ckidz, events) along with her husband, Kyle and children Brantlee and Kamden
Jessica drongowski (Administration, Connection) with her children, Justice and Emberlynn
Jon and Rebecca Richardson (Media and Production and Cafe) along with their children, Addie and Finley.
Philip and Megan Rupert (Craftsmanship, Security, Sisterhood lead team) Daughter: Ella.

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