Leadership Capacity

Capacity—it’s how much you can handle and how much you can produce. The same is true when your business expands or your church grows from 30 attenders to 100 attenders. A funny thing can happen, though, as you stretch and grow. You can reach a leadership lid, a ceiling on what you can manage on your own. Suddenly the things that got you here won’t get you there—there to the next level you’re shooting for. I hope these five “C”s can help you work past that lid and increase your leadership capacity. Build your Confidence. When we hit our leadership … Continue reading Leadership Capacity

Bible Translations… #FoodForThought

There are three ways to translate the Bible. You can translate it with 1) your mind 2) your heart and 3) your life. I think a lot of us settle for the mental translation. But the end result is information. And what happens is this: we learn more, do less, and think we’re growing spiritually. But not if that’s the only translation. The second translation is emotional. And the emotional translation may seem more subjective than intellectual translation. But that is when our hearts break for the things that break the heart of God. It’s not just information. It’s transformation. … Continue reading Bible Translations… #FoodForThought

HEY! You Sinner who came to church!!

Yep. We saw you at church on Sunday. Did you think we wouldn’t notice you? As soon as your car pulled around the bend, the Parking Team radioed to each other that you had arrived. We watched you walk from the parking lot to the building before we opened the church doors for you. Then in the lobby, you tried to blend in with the crowd as you went through the Sunday routine, like checking in children, grabbing a cup of coffee (caffeinated, of course!). When you came into the auditorium, we saw you walk, walk, walk up the stairs … Continue reading HEY! You Sinner who came to church!!

A reality of Easter

Easter weekend was a great weekend for us at Oasis.Church as much as it was for many others! Record Crowds, salvations, incredible stories of life-change. However, there is another side of Easter that I have discovered through the years of being a Pastor. That is the side of comparison and isolation. We as pastors leave our church campus feeling on top of the world for all that happened and the crowds we had only to get on social media and see that a church down the street had twice as many (or more) people than you and many more salvations … Continue reading A reality of Easter


We started a new message series at Oasis this past weekend discussing Miracles. What’s My Part In The Miracle? When you look at the miracles in the Bible, you see two themes consistently emerge when it comes to the person involved in the miracle. 1) Many biblical miracles were the person’s own initiative, not necessarily God’s. • Like the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. • Or Namaan who went to Elisha for healing for his leprosy. • Or the centurion who asked Jesus to heal his servant. And 2) many biblical miracles involved the person’s natural action, … Continue reading Miracles