Prophetic Declarations…

Much has been said prophetically about a move of God and the things The Lord is going to do in His Church in these current days we live. It is very exciting to start seeing these things spoken of in the past coming into being. A great harvest of people coming to know Jesus Christ is occurring all across the world as The Lord pours out His Spirit. This to me is also an indication of the last days in which we live.

I attending the Alabama Prophetic Destiny conference in Daphne, AL last night with Kent Mattox, Paul Keith Davis and Churck Pierce. So many things said confirmed with me and others what The Lord has been revealing and doing already and what He will do. I believe The Lord positions us and aligns us in the place He purposes for us to be if we remain obedient to His Voice. There is a great alignment taking place right now so God’s plan and agenda for His Church can be fulfilled around the world.

There is so much happening and so many people coming to know Jesus that it really just excites me because above all else, that is what the Church is all about… reaching the lost. This is the season of Harvest. Souls into The Kingdom to accomplish the work of The Kingdom. People are being called, positioned and anointed to lead and to be pioneers of new creative ways to reach people with the truth of God’s Word.

I write that to encourage you today. Wherever you are, God has a purpose. Dont get depressed and dismayed… There is always a battle before a breakthrough and in this current time, I believe The Lord is responding to the obedience of His Children in such an overflowing way that it is going to get the attention of the world. Stay focused… Stay faithful… Be obedient… Jesus is still in control.

The best days for the church are ahead and ahead is not far away. As we enter a new year of 2010, get ready. He is positioning His Church in such  way that it will bring more glory to Him as people surrender their lives to Him. Embrace the moment and live faithfully in the place you are, because surely as you do, promotion to greater and better is on the horizon!

Have a great day! Hope to see you at Oasis on Sunday morning at 10:30! We will be ministering at The Way Church in Long Beach, MS Sunday night beginning at 6:00. The Church is 2 miles south of I-10 on Beatline Road. Take the Long Beach / Pass Christian exit. Church is on the right…

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