Reflections from the weekend…

Sunday morning we continued in the Message series titled “Christmas is For…” with a talk on asking forgiveness from those we have harmed in some way. The Highlight of the Experience was an ENTIRE FAMILY giving their Heart to Jesus!!! Dad, Mom, and kids!! AMAZING! That is what it is all about!!!!

Sunday night we traveled to Long Beach to minister at THE WAY church and man, the turnout from the Oasis Folks was AWESOME! There were more Oasis people than THE WAY people there! You guys ROCK! Toni and I love this church so much because of the love, dedication and faithfulness of the people! One young man came up to me last night after I preached on The Acts Functioning Church and told me he gave his heart to Jesus! He is about 18 or so years old! That is encouraging and if nothing else, he was the entire reason we were there last night!

Now comes the week before the Christmas Experience. I have an all staff meeting at 3:30 for planning and strategy for this weekend and then a Christmas play tonight at my son’s school (gateway christian academy). Busy day, busy week, but what an awesome weekend this past weekend and I cant wait until Sunday of this week to see more lives changed and transformed by the Power of our Living Lord and Savior!

Have a great day all!!

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