21 Days of Prayer and Fasting….

Starting this past Sunday, we encouraged people to begin the 21 days of prayer and fasting campaign as well as the i-10 initiative. I want to fill everyone in on the details. First of all, the i-10 initiative is invite 10 people to church next Sunday morning and inconvenience yourself 10 times to do a random act of kindness in our communities. You will be surprised at how blessed you will be once you try this principle. Sunday morning we talked about generosity and the scripture records in Proverbs 22:9, “he who has a generous eye will be blessed!” Develop a generous eye. If you see a need, even small, meet it. Have an eye for generosity. This can change our region one person at a time!!!

Fasting and praying… People don’t like that for the most part I know. However, I am believing The Lord is getting us ready for something pretty amazing not only at Oasis Church but around the globe in HIS Church…

Prayer – simple… Just prayer more! Spend time praying and seeking God… The Fast, give up something that would be a sacrifice for you… Facebook, coke, red meat, brownies, etc… WHATEVER! You can fast sweets, meats, or whatever you choose… Just fast something! When the urge for whatever it is you are fasting comes around, pray… Discipline is the key! The Lord will honor and reward for it!!!

We would love to hear your testimonies on the i-10 initiative and your testimonies… Please email our media team at media@oasisonline.tv if you are interesting in sharing in a video shoot to air in an upcoming experience…

I may be a little crazy, but I am believing that just within a couple of months, if that, our building will be completely packed out on Sunday mornings with people searching for answers and a church with the heartbeat of Christ! Let’s reach our region… Let the Revolution begin!!!

Have a great day and let’s band together in faith and unity to see what The Lord is going to do next in our church!

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