I stand amazed at all That The Lord is doing in His Church in these current days! We launched our New Student Ministries on Wednesday night with our new youth pastor, Will Seymour with over 40 teenagers in attendance and at least 5 salvations!

There is definitely something stirring!!! We have been honored and blessed this year already to witness at least 40 people give their hearts to Jesus and make the commitment to live for Him! I am expecting HIm to continue pouring out His Spirit and leading more people to connect with believers in these days so they can be lead to live in relationship with Jesus Christ!

The post I made a while back about Transitioning for positioning… I believe it is prophetic for this year. I believe we all are in positioning stage by The Holy Spirit to place us where we are supposed to be in our call to Build THE KINGDOM!

Keep your head high, walk with authority, and live the Spirit-filled life that Jesus paid the price for you to live!!!

Join us Sunday at Oasis, or, for the start of this new series titled “Unstoppable!” This is going to be an UNSTOPPABLE year for THE CHURCH! Come Join us!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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