Weekend Update…

This past weekend I started the “Unstoppable” series at Oasis Church that is geared primarily to vision of the church and for our region… we were fortunate and blessed to witness at least 8 people give their heart to Jesus!!! During the Forward Student Ministries meeting last Wednesday there were over 40 youth there with at least 5 giving their heart to Christ!!! This excites me like crazy!!! The Lord is definitely moving in HIS CHURCH everywhere!!!

I am currently sitting in my office listening to our praise and worship leader and our student pastor and our media director sing crazy songs with their abundance of talent creativity that they possess… I am really proud of our staff at Oasis Church! Really… Makes me smile listening to them have fun and cut up… Reminds me… We really should have more fun as Christians than anyone on the face of the planet!

The Church should be the most happening, funnest place in our regions!

On another note, Monday’s are always busy and somewhat crazy, but after 3 meetings today and 1 counseling and administrative and creative brainstorming and planning, realizing that people’s lives are being changed every single time we come together and worship Jesus, makes it all worthwhile!!!!!!!!

I love my call and my job and I am again very thankful for an awesome team of leaders at Oasis that makes the vision and mission of the church a reality… Stay in it…

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