Thursday Discussion…

Well, the final planning day for our staff is today for the weekend Experience. I am so excited about the Sunday Experience this week! Our team has put together an awesome Experience this week and all and all we know LIves are going to be transformed and changed by the POWER of the Holy Spirit Sunday morning!

I am noticing in The Body of Christ that as we are in this “transitioning for positioning” stage, the attacks and the battles have intensified… that is common and should be expected. All believers need to understand that there is an enemy of your destiny and you need to rise above it in faith and authority and not get brought down by the enemy’s tactics and schemes. There is only a battle because there is a breakthrough on the horizon and this year The Lord is going to do some amazing things in The Church!

“Unstoppable” part 2 is Sunday morning as we talk about Unstoppable unity and Unstoppable partnership within The Body of Christ as a whole. Expecting many lives to be touched this weekend!

Last night our Student Pastor, Will Seymour, reported there were at least 6 teenagers who gave their heart to Jesus last night in Forward Student Ministries!!!!!!! There is an army forming amongst our young people!

We also started last night the “laugh your way to a better marriage” with the adults last night and will continue for the next 8 weeks in this great series on strengthening your marriage.

Have a great weekend and I hope to see you on Sunday at Oasis Church!

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