Thoughts from the weekend…

Sunday morning we concluded the “Unstoppable” series and witnessed at least 6 people giving their heart to Jesus!!! Sunday night Encounter, at least 5 more gave their heart to Christ! THAT NEVER GETS OLD!!!

It was a great weekend as we talked on the Believer’s Authority or Unstoppable Authority Sunday night. The Lord is moving His Church into a place of operating and living in the authority that He has given us by His Spirit! We are called to live the UNSTOPPABLE faith!

Next week, we begin a new series that I have been working on for some time now titled “The Power of a God Encounter.” We will look at different places in the New Testament where people were changed when Encountering Jesus. I am looking forward to this upcoming weekend!

Wednesday night this week we are still in the “Laugh your way to a better Marriage” and of course, Forward Students are meeting in Higher Grounds.

On a more personal note, I really sense the Holy Spirit taking me deeper in my walk. I really feel and have a great expectation of things to come for the Gulf Coast Region and can hardly wait to see what He Does next. Sunday night Encounter this past week brought back memories when we first started seeing God Move in the church several years ago. It was exciting and it was Refreshing and proves again How Great our God is!

Hope you have a great week… stay tuned to the Oasis Facebook page at for upcoming events and happenings at Oasis and the page for news and media updates as well!

Have a great week!

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