Weekend Thoughts…

SAINTS WIN!!! The highlight of the nation yesterday was that the Saints won the Super Bowl! Boy, that makes me proud! I am glad they finally won one and I love the integrity and Excellence of the leadership of this Saints Team. From Sean Peyton to Drew Brees to others, noone is more well deserving than these guys!

However, Yesterday morning another game was won. At least 6  people at Oasis Church gave their heart to Christ and began a relationship with Him! The Bible says ANGELS rejoice in Heaven over each one who is born again! That excites me and makes me extremely thankful for what The Lord allows me to do for Him. I began teaching on a series titled “The Power of a God Encounter”. This series is geared to “the body” or to BELIEVERS to hopefully inspire them to fully Follow Christ in their walk with Him.

I am somewhat perplexed about several things I see happening in the church arena as a whole, not just Oasis, but THE CHURCH… Lack of integrity, honor and excellence seems to be the norm from not just church people, but leadership within HIS CHURCH. This truly cant be happening! Jesus has called us to live and lead as examples to everyone who may be observing or following us. JESUS DESERVES OUR BEST… NOT LEFTOVERS! We have to give HIM TOP priority Church leaders… We have to give HIM top priority PASTORS… we have to give HIM top priority CHRISTIANS!

What does that mean? Am I perfect? Not by a long shot! Ask Toni! But I know this, our desire should be to do the absolute best we can on our jobs, ministries, in our families, in our schools, whatever, so we can be entrusted with more and be an example for HIM! Too many people today just want to “get by”… just want to cruise under the radar screen and do just enough…. that AINT BIBLICAL!

I know I am ranting this morning, but I believe a total SHIFT is occurring in THE BODY of CHRIST and HE is Calling us to HIGHER level of OBEDIENCE to HIM and HIS WORD! That in itself will COMPEL people to want to know what you got or how you do what you do! Jesus!

Step up to the plate Church! Step up to the plate and become a FOLLOWER Of Christ! Jesus was and is always moving… are you?

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