Thursday Thoughts…

SNOW IS COMING TO THE GULF COAST!!!!!!! That is all…..

Just kidding.. My son is ecstatic! He has never seen snow in his 7 years! 5 of those we have lived on the Gulf Coast and you know it is a rare occasion for snow on the coast, kinda like the Saints winning the Super Bowl… Wait…. I told you it was going to be a year of CHANGE!!! I love it!

Great things last night at Oasis! Close to 200 people again on campus for midweek Experiences. Adults in “Laugh your way to a better Marriage”, Students in Forward Student Ministries in Higher Grounds Cafe and children in “The Wave”. I am loving this family night format! We launched a 30 Day Focus campaign with all married couples last night as we are encouraging husbands and wives to focus on their spouse purposely for the next 30 days to increase intimacy and build that connection for the strengthening of the marriage and family as a whole. AND LET ME SAY THIS… OUR STUDENT PASTOR, WILL SEYMOUR and all the YOUTH LEADERS.. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! You are doing an amazing job leading the young people! Keep it up!!

This weekend, I will continue preaching the message series titled “The Power of a God Encounter”. Part 2 is dealing with and discussing Paul on Damascus Road… talk about an Encounter! It is also Valentine’s Day so there will be a theme of Love with the creative arts and media… You dont want to miss Sunday at Oasis Church!!! Going to be a great time!

New Connection Group Formats will be rolled out in a couple of weeks along with a new ministry group we are calling “Kingdom Builders”. More to come later.

I have a staff meeting today and Rundown for the AM Experience SUnday morning and final planning meeting for the outreach we have on Saturday at the Mardi Gras Parade in Pascagoula. Oasis will be distributing can huggies to everyone drinking their favorite drink out of a can Saturday (you figure it out!) at the parade! If you want to help, , Jason is our Outreach Coordinator and he can answer some questions for you if you have them or you can just show up at Higher Grounds Cafe at 10:30 Saturday morning for the meeting….

Have a great weekend!!! Hope to see you all Sunday morning at 10:30 for the AM Experience! Dont forget, invite someone as we are shooting for 400 in attendance over the next couple of weeks!!!!

Be Blessed!!!!

One thought on “Thursday Thoughts…

  1. Ashley Pittman April 4, 2010 / 2:12 am

    He’s risen indeed!

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