Gearing up…

Easter is NEXT week and the staff and leadership at Oasis Church have been planning, working and diligently studying for the weekend Experiences next week… We did add a SATURDAY 6:00 Service Experience to help accommodate more people and give another opportunity for people to attend Easter this year at Oasis Church. It is going to be AMAZING! Our Creative Arts Team, Worship Team, EVERYONE… WOW! You dont want to miss Easter at Oasis This year! Wait until you hear the BIG Announcement Easter weekend too… You really dont want to miss it…

I am so pumped for not just Easter but this weekend as well. We will be paving the way for Easter this week with a one time message titled “intervention”. ENCOUNTER is also SUNDAY night and everyone is encouraged to attend that as well!

Oasis Regulars… Please park on the SOuth side or West side expansion lots for Easter Sunday morning. We will be providing shuttle services for you so you dont have to walk so far! Keep the main lot open for our new guests!

You are welcome to attend both Experiences next weekend as we will also have overflow room available in Higher Grounds. Our Expectation is for there to be around 700-800 people attend Easter weekend. So we need your help too Oasis peeps to help with parking lot, ushering, greeting, whatever! Please email Jon Dotson or Jody Pittman if you can help! Jon – and Jody:

Have a great weekend everyone… See you Sunday!

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