We concluded the series “5 Easy Ways to Wreck Your Life” Sunday morning with a packed house as I preached about living a satisfied life and living content with where we are. AT LEAST 12 PEOPLE GAVE THEIR HEART TO JESUS!!!! WOW!!

Attendance at Oasis continues to grow as we had over 300 this week and are expecting Easter weekend between the 2 experiences we have planned, at least 600-800 people to be in attendance. We are having a Saturday night Experience at 6:00 and the Sunday morning Celebration at 10:30 so everyone will get the opportunity to Experience Easter this year at Oasis. This way, all leaders will also be able to attend being as they can serve one service and then attend the other! We are encouraging everyone that is a part of Oasis to help out this Easter by serving somewhere for one of the Experiences.

Parking for regulars needs to be on the South side lot to keep room for first timers in the main lot adjacent to the building.

There will also be a very special announcement Easter weekend… you dont want to miss it!

It is amazing at all that is happening, not just at Oasis, but everywhere Jesus is being lifted up! I have said this before and I echo others, This will be the year of the greatest harvest the church has ever seen! Get Ready! We should be ready by now!!!

We did have some technical issues Sunday as the video didnt get recorded, but audio did. So you will be able to listen to the Message, but not watch. Sorry. Our Technical team has already addressed the issue and it wont happen again… hopefully!

We did have to cancel the weekend Family Connect Day that we were going to have at Pine Park. This is unfortunate, but the weather didnt cooperate with us this week. It happens. Stay tuned for the reschedule date.

This upcoming Sunday morning we are preaching a 1 part message titled “Intervention”. Dont miss the next couple of weeks at Oasis… It is going to be EXCITING!!

Have a great week!