Losing Religion…

I started a new series this past weekend at Oasis Church titled “Losing Your Religion”. The series I believe will serve many purposes, primarily to help us align with God’s Word and Will instead of just going through the motions of Religion and Tradition in our lives. Such a revealing Message Sunday morning in the opener as we talked about Paul before King Agrippa and paralleled the story with us today and our testimony of Who Jesus really is.

Interesting enough, the opposition to such teaching has been intense! Accusations that leave you scratching your head wondering “where in the world did that come from?” The intent of this series is in no form or fashion intended to offend anyone, that is not my heart, I promise. The intent is to bring sight on God’s Word and the TRUTH of His Word, not what Religion has ingrained in us all these years… why? SO people can live the life of Freedom that Jesus paid the price for! That is our heart!

It is interesting that when I start these kinds of messages and talks how the opposition intensifies. Just yesterday (Tuesday), I carried a couple of staff members with me to the hospital to do a visitation with someone who had just had a baby (new life) and while we were out, someone stopped by the church to oppress some of our administrative staff with how it is sin and we are condemned for doing church on Sunday… The individual handed her a novel of Old Testament Scripture, NONE pointing to Jesus let me advise you, that talked about the destruction of America is because of false Pastors, Prophets, and teachers that hold meetings on Sundays. Religious and Legalistic condemnation of the pamphlets was crazy!!! Interesting, that ONLY time I have taken all my full-time guys with me and we all were out of the office over 2 hours because I ran into some other community leaders at Red Cup Coffee, this guy shows up… I first thought… MAN, I WISH I HAD OF BEEN HERE TO TALK TO HIM ABOUT JESUS! 😉

This has never happened before… Never had all the Sr. Pastoral team been out of the office at the same time during the week (except for lunch break of course), Never had anyone from this particular religious group EVER been by the church… interesting… CONFIRMS that this message series is on time and in The Lord’s Will for His Church in the season we are in!

Anyway, we will continue this series Sunday as it will evolve into a 4 part series and then My Wife, Toni, will have the Mother’s Day Service Experience which is May 9th.

Have any thoughts? Post them… Have any insights to how this series is affecting you or speaking to you… post em! Have a great week!

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