National Day of Prayer and some random Thoughts…

What a GREAT Day today! We gathered as a city and community at the Jackson County Courthouse today for the National Day of Prayer and there was a great turnout! If there has ever been a time this country needs to pray, it is now! I want to again say what an honor it was to be the keynote speaker for this year’s event in Pascagoula. It was such an honor for me standing up there with other pastors in our city, city and county officials, the state officials and the people of this great city. Our Media Team is going to try and get footage of the event on our website at

As I was waiting my time to speak, I couldn’t help but first of all be thankful for all these pastors and personnel that day in and day out do the work of The Lord in their respected churches and positions. I know The Lord Jesus was smiling down on Pascagoula today as we came together in that unity and broke those divides that man has created. I love His Church and I love this city, state and country and I am not settling for anything short of a genuine move of God for our city and region!

When we come in that unity like we did today, we will see Him move and We will see Him restore and heal our land!

To my staff and all the wonderful people from Oasis Church who were there in support and there to diligently seek The Lord through Prayer today, thank you! Also, keep it up! There is a fire that is burning in my heart for this city and Gulf Coast and I am so fortunate to serve you and to serve the wonderful people of this area to advance The Kingdom of God! You guys rock!

Have a great weekend yall… Remember, my wonderful bride will be speaking The Mother’s Day Message at Oasis Sunday morning… YOU DONT WANT TO MISS IT!!!

One thought on “National Day of Prayer and some random Thoughts…

  1. Shawn Panni May 6, 2010 / 8:36 pm

    Awesome job Eric!

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