Thoughts from the weekend…

Couple of Thoughts…

#1 – Mother’s Day was yesterday and Toni did an amazing job! At least 10 people gave their lives to Christ with close to 400 in attendance and an overflowing parking lot and Children’s Ministries!!! And we had 1 water baptism!!!! WOW!!!

#2 – I shared the vision with our Sr. leadership team last week about where I feel The Lord is leading Oasis Church in the coming months and years, and I can truly tell you, my mind is being blown away by the plans I Believe The Lord has for this church! REFOCUS on the GREAT COMMISSION, Overflow Passion from what The Lord is doing in us individually will direct our ministry corporately!

#3 – The New Series starts Sunday and I believe it will penetrate the heart of every person as our society has lost or “forgotten” some of the major virtues by which we used to hold so true. We will talk about HONOR Sunday morning in the new series titled “Forgotten Virtues” –

#4 – We are Contemplating 2 Worship Experiences at Oasis… the parking lot is full, the Children’s Ministries is full, this will require more from the team, but if we do this, we are implementing a “Serve 1 Worship 1” campaign so everyone can be a part of the Worship Experience every week! If you are a part of Oasis, WE NEED YOU!!!!

We need people to serve in Children, parking lot, greet, Hub, nursery, Higher Grounds, event team, media, and other areas too! PLEASE VOLUNTEER to help somewhere if you arent currently serving! Email the admin office at if you would like to serve!

#5 – We are updating our Website at for a GIVING MODULE so you can give financially online and also rolling out a new WEB CAMPUS in the coming weeks for our ONLINE STREAMING Audience. We currently have an Online Stream, but we are making improvements so quality can be enhanced and interaction with social networking and sermon notes will be available to the online community as well. Stay Tuned!

#6 – Today I have been asked to speak to the Sr. Citizens of Pascagoula at the Sr. Center… A little nervous about that one!!! PRAY FOR ME!!

Ok… those are my thoughts for today… Thanks for reading!!!

One thought on “Thoughts from the weekend…

  1. Nyah May 12, 2010 / 5:11 pm

    I visited your church for the first time last Sunday on Mother’s Day, and I felt so welcomed, easy and comfortable. I was invited by one of my students. I throughly enjoyed the experience. I’ve been in church for years, since before I was old enough to remember and I’ve seen some dissappointing things. I’ve felt some unbearable pains within “The Church”. The best answer I was given was pray about it or I’ll pray for you when in reality, I needed their resources or services. I’ve been lied to, lied on, backstabbed, stolen from, consumed by spirits of pastoral control and it became hard to trust anyone. I recently moved to the Gulf Coast 2 years ago and I’ve been invited to visit churches around the area and I found the same things that I’d seen before, stealing, lying, and prostitution! I got a different vibe from your church and I’m looking forward to attending again. I have more to say but I’m at work. TTYL

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