Mid-Week Reflections and Transitions…

Father’s Day was Sunday and the Experience at Oasis was amazing! I was greatly blessed to be able to baptize my 7 year old son and witness at least 6 folks give their hearts to Jesus!! That service is online at http://www.OasisOnline.tv if you care to watch. I talked again on Manners as we discussed the power words in our lives. This week we conclude that series talking about the “currency of courtesy!”

Freedom Day, or 4th of July, is in a week and Oasis is doing a “Flip Flop and Freedom” Sunday Experience! Wear your shorts and flip-flops to Sunday morning Worship Experience. Yea, Yea, we like being different and breaking traditions!

This weekend we have 2 Worship Experiences as this is ENCOUNTER week and I am pumped and ready for the weekend! Both Experience Messages is very on time and relevant to us! I love it when The Lord just downloads it on you what to talk about and how on-time He always is!

Well, Transition is surely the season we are in as a church… the whole Body of Christ that is… Things are changing and Jesus is sculpting His bride more and more and I am so excited at what I am seeing and Experiencing personally and witnessing in the lives of the people at Oasis Church! Miracles are happening everyday, lives are being changed, The Holy Spirit is moving in such a real, relevant and practical way… Just makes me happy!!! lol!

Alot of staff transitions are occurring at Oasis Church. It is all good… Transitioning for Positioning. This season we are in right now will usher in the FRESH BOLD season of THE HARVEST for the BODY OF CHRIST I believe! Look at Church History, every time the world has gotten dark and uncertain times were in existence, THE CHURCH was the brightest and Shined the brightest in all the earth! This is a great time to be connected to THE HOUSE! The Lord is preparing for something pretty amazing and the harvest and growth of His Church is the destination in this time and season we are in.

I heard a friend say, or read his tweet anyway, that “when you are closer to the goal line, the defense is tougher to penetrate. That is because if you execute properly, you are a only a small step to scoring the Goal!” Isn’t that true?

The hardest battle is always right before the greatest breakthrough! Keep pressing… Keep fighting… Stay in the game because the Goal line is in sight!!!!

Have a great week and thanks again for taking the time to read my thoughts today!!!

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