Monday Reflections… Transitions and seasons…

It is Monday again… That means meetings, administrative work, planning and FOCUSING!

The Meetings are with Staff and leaders, the administrative is the business affairs of the church and the planning is for the coming weeks and months at Oasis and the FOCUSING… that is for SUNDAY!

We get focuses on Sunday on Monday… why? Sunday is the Show-room Floor to present Jesus to those who may be shopping for answers and looking for Hope.

Our Job as a ministry is not to hold services each week, but to reach our city and region for Jesus! How do we do that? We love people and we purposely do what we can practically to reach them where they are.

This past weekend I started a teaching series on something very practical… something we all have, some are good and some are bad… they are manners…

What are your manners? Are you waving a banner of good manners or are you rude with your ‘tude? Yes… very practical. But yet, I believe completely on time as The Lord is calling us to not only look like Him, but to sound like Him and to walk like He walked… in attitude and action! Very challenging believe it or not.

I have had SOOO many people today tell me something on the lines of this, “Eric, I have NEVER heard a pastor or preacher talk about manners , but I will say this, I am so excited because this is a teaching that is relevant to everyone!” – 45 year old female in yesterday’s Experience.

The Goal is relevance through Realness… There is a real lack of authenticity and practicality in God’s House and the Bible talks about these simple truths of life, and we will continue in that line of thought this week as it is Father’s Day and we are talking about the power of words!

The Biggest news for me is that ….. my 7 year old son wants to get baptized on Sunday morning! I am STOKED about that! He is genuine and He loves Jesus… yes, even at 7 because that is how he is raised!

Anyways… Yes, we are in transition season at Oasis. Staff vacancies and strategic alignments are occurring. Brittney Kinsey did a WONDERFUL job leading worship yesterday and you will see her again real soon! This week, Alex Holliman from Columbus, MS will be leading worship Sunday morning as we have several people lined up to minister on Sundays as this season of change will lead Oasis to the firm foundation that The Lord is preparing for this ministry…

I am excited about it and I am ready… How about you?

One thought on “Monday Reflections… Transitions and seasons…

  1. Darlene June 14, 2010 / 9:55 pm

    I watched Sunday’s Experience from home. It was an eye opener. I think we, society as a whole, are far too concerned with other people;s “attitudes” and manners. We think so much about theirs; we forget our own. I have said this to my children a million times: “If you worry about yourself half as much as you worry about others, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about!”.

    I am polite. Respectful. Say “Yes, please’ and “Thank you””. Yes mamn, no sir et . I fell into the trap of thinking that was enough. I have reflected on your practical (Jesus was practical) of Manners and realize I have tons of room for improvement! I will watch the recorded expeerience again as I always glean more from the message when I watch it over. Thank you Oasis Team for teaching me and allowing me to grow on so many levels. I love it when you “get real” because you speak truth!
    Thank you for being a true reflection of Jesus and His Living Word!

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