A few thoughts from an AMAZING day at Oasis Church!!

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! We started the “At the Movies” Series today at Oasis Church with the movie “Walk the Line” and really all I can say is WOW! There was a packed house, parking overflow, and best of all, 27 PEOPLE MADE DECISIONS TO RECEIVE CHRIST!!!! Amazing!

Seeing people surrender their lives to Jesus never gets old and to be honest with you, fires me up probably more than anything!! There were at least 19 people in the Auditorium and at least 8 children in the Children’s Dept. who prayed to accept Jesus today!

This series is one I have been SOOOOO Excited about because I know it is going to reach so many people! I am hoping and praying that we continue to invite people to this series as we continue through the month of August! We served popcorn and drinks in the lobby and our Creative Arts team and others completely transformed the facilities to a movie theater!!! Love you guys so much! Thank you! More for you guys coming soon…

The series wont be online as it was live because of copyright laws, but we will have a “talk about it” section on the media player tomorrow with highlights of the Experience, praise and worship, and a discussion of the key points today…

Next week… wear your favorite sports team apparel as we will be in part 2 of  “At the movies” with another great movie!

This upcoming Wednesday night, I will be speaking in the main auditorium about prayer… this will be a 3 part Wednesday night series, consider yourself invited to join us for the midweek Refresh Experience!

Everyone have an awesome day and Great week! I look forward to seeing you next weekend if not Wednesday night!

BTW – we are trying to get a new projector installed this week… our media dept is pricing them and we will hopefully have a new one(s) to replace the ones that are burning out within the next couple of weeks…

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