At least 15 people gave their lives to Christ Yesterday in the Morning Experience at Oasis Church! Seeing and Experiencing that makes everything so worth while and rewarding!

We were in Part 2 of the “At The Movies” series with the movie “Blind Side” and we once again broke the attendance record for any regular Sunday!! (Easter still takes the cake, but WOW!!) Packed House, Parking lot maxed out, Children’s Ministries Rockin, Great Online Audience, Truly Amazing!!! I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing Church!

We had a baby dedication yesterday of the son of our Media Director and his wife, Jon and Brandy Dotson. I always enjoy doing those! Intense Ministries gave a promo for the Crusade August 29th – September 1 here at Oasis. Visit their website at .

We are looking at 2 Worship Experiences in September at 8:30 and 10:45. This is to assist in the overcrowding in parking, children and even in the auditorium seating. If you are a part of Oasis Church, please sign up to be in the SERVE 1 WORSHIP 1 as we need volunteers to make things happen!!! That includes Children’s Ministries, Parking lot, event team, media, First Impressions, Higher Grounds… you name it!!!! WE NEED YOU!

Some awesome things happening at Oasis Church. I am so excited about what The Lord is doing here and for the Team of staff and volunteers who step up to the plate each week and sacrifice to make it happen. Thank you all sooooo much! Without you, it wouldnt be possible!

We are working on some exciting things for the future of Oasis. I encourage you to get plugged in and get involved to be a part of this amazing movement that is taking place on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

Have an amazing week and I will be back again later in the week for another announcement and update……. stay tuned…..