Thoughts from last week and the weekend…

Last week was a great week!! The Fair was in town and we went several times to enjoy the Gumbo and let Ethan ride some of the rides and we also got to see many people that we know that we dont get to talk to much on regular occasion.

Friday night for me and Toni is always date night if nothing comes up and Saturday was Ethan’s Birthday party at the house. We kept it small and mostly family and kids he goes to school with. It is amazing that he is already 8 years old! I REMEMBER 8!!! Anyway, my Auburn Tigers beat LSU to then become the #1 team in the BCS, (WHICH MAKES ME VERY NERVOUS!!!), but very proud of such an accomplishment by this team… This football season is turning out to be one of the most exciting ones I can ever remember…

To cap off the week, the Worship Experiences at Oasis this past weekend were totally OFF THE CHAIN!!! 2 great worship Experiences and talks on “toxic words” and at least 15 people giving their lives to CHRIST! Amazing!!! We almost set a regular Sunday attendance record as there were almost 500 in total attendance Sunday! GREAT DAY!!! I am very excited at all that is happening at Oasis and on the Gulf Coast!!!

Next Sunday we complete the TOXIC series with “toxic religion”. You really dont want to miss this one!!!

In November we start the “Sun Stand Still” series based on the book by Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. This book highly inspired me and I know it is a NOW Word for the church as we will be preaching a 3-4 part message series on the same topic. Join us beginning November 7th at 9 and 11… Invite people!!!!

Encounter is coming up Sunday night… You really should be at that meeting as well… Just sayin…

I think you are up to date on most of what is going through my mind and the upcoming events around the corner, Have a GREAT week and I look forward to seeing you guys this week and / or next weekend!!!

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