So, Everyone wants to know…

It is so cool to me to see how so many lives are being impacted and transformed through Oasis Church recently. I am very Excited about the future of Oasis! As the numbers have increased and the church has been growing, I have been asked alot of questions by people new to our church and some not so new… I want to post some of these questions and answers here on this blog for your reading enjoyment… 🙂  Some of these are personal and others are about the church…


What kind of Church is Oasis? We are a life-giving inter-denominational church! We dont believe in labels! People from every denominational background is represented at Oasis! Our focus is to reach the un-churched and youth culture of our region.

Why does Oasis have such a diversity of Music styles for Praise and Worship? We dont want to get caught in one particular style. We like diversity because people are diverse. Some weeks it will be very “rock” sounding, others it might have more of a “jazz” or “Indie” sound. We like diversity and Change!

How old is Pastor Eric? I AM 32!!! yay! So is my wife.. TOMORROW!

How do you become a leader at Oasis or serve in an area of ministry? Fill out a connection card and tell us where you want to serve! We encourage you to attend GROWTH TRACK as well.

Where is Pastor Eric before Services start? This is funny, I have been asked this so many times… I stay in the Green Room back stage or in my office before it is time for me to come out. I do this so my focus can be delivering the message and guarding my heart from anything that could divert what I believe The Lord wants to do or say in the Message that day.

How would I get to meet Pastor Eric personally? After the 11:00 Service Experience my wife and all the staff go to Higher Grounds to meet everyone and to fellowship and talk with all who are up there… I highly encourage you to come on up to Higher Grounds after the 11:00 service time.

I have heard people say that Oasis is not a “religious” church… what does that mean? GOOD QUESTION! Jesus didnt come for us to have Religion. Religion actually means “bondage”. We dont do the politics and religious actions of man. We stick to the Life of Christ as our guide and model for ministry. We want people to see JESUS not Religion! In fact, This Sunday morning I will be talking about TOXIC RELIGION.. you really ought to come out for that message!

These are some of the many questions that have been asked via email, letter, or facebook in the past couple of weeks… In order to stay transparent and answer your questions, I invite you to ask what you want on this blog, through email or facebook and I will answer them as soon as I can!

Oasis has grown to over 600 people and alot of people are wanting to know more about the ministry and even personally want to know more about me, my family and the staff and leaders of Oasis.. please post them and I will answer… Alot of answers can be found on the website as well…

Thanks for reading!!!

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