I have been in a wave of reflections the past couple of days in almost every area of my life. It is amazing to me all that has happened in the last 6 years, but mostly in the past year!

Christmas is already here and it seems like I can remember like it was a month or so ago shopping for Christmas last year! Time just flies!!!

So, yea, back to reflections… I have an amazing wife and son, a great family and the most outstanding church family that any man could ask for! I look back to 5 years ago when David Copeland and I were standing under that yellow and white tent after Katrina holding worship services for the 20-25 people that could make it as we renovated the facilities of Oasis Church… Boy, what a humble beginning!

I look back over my family the past 5 years and all that has happened and transitions that have been made and opportunities that have surfaced and the abundance of God’s favor and blessing that has flowed on me and my family and then I reflect on a church that started with about 12 people that now runs 500-600 people on the weekends that sees people getting saved EVERY SINGLE WEEK and I am just in awe and amazement of the Love of our God!!!!

I could go on and on, but being as I tend to ruffle feathers with these blogs, I dont want anyone to think I am bragging or boasting or offering some prideful stat for the world to see… if you really know me, you know I am bringing all Glory to HIM as it is only by His favor, direction, and might do I have anything in my life!!

So what is the point in writing this page today? Well… hmmmm…. I just felt like it… Being my personal blog page, I just wanted to boast a minute about Jesus and His favor and blessings in my life as we gear up for Thanksgiving next week, I just wanted to write this Blog…. to Him… Thank you Lord… I am truly thankful and humbled that you have blessed me with all that You have! I cant wait for another year making a difference on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!!!!

Good day!

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