Ok… so this past weekend was one of the most AMAZING weekends I can remember!!! Packed house in both worship Experiences, 42 total salvations, conclusion of the “Sun Stand Still” series, and witnessed an entire family give their hearts to Christ!!! WOW!

I am so pumped about all The Lord is doing at Oasis I can’t really put into words enough to blog about it…

I wanted to thank all the staff, team leaders and all the Oasis Family for your faithfulness in dedication to the vision because we are truly seeing it happen!! The best part is that it is all just getting started!

Christmas series starts this weekend at 9 and 11 and the Christmas Service Experiences will be the 19th at 9 and 11.

Anyway, alot of talk about Christmas already, but I want to encourage you to not neglect Thanksgiving… Truly give Thanks this week To The Lord for all He has blessed you with… I know I am…

I hope and pray that all of you that are reading this blog will have a wonderful, grateful Thanksgiving and May there be many blessings on you and your family this holiday season!

Until next time…

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