I have some thoughts on Change… We change things for the purpose of just changing things sometimes. People ask all the time “Why you changing this or changing that?” My first response, we just want to.

Why is Change important? Too many people are stuck in the routines of life and there is no freshness because of the fear of change. Churches do it because people live that way. It never fails how many negaholics surface when you do something they dont like or understand. Some people just have the spiritual gift of criticism and the only thing that changes when they walk in the room is the mood of the atmosphere!

Jesus was the most Creative being ever. He also embraced change. He shook the world up because of the Message, which was different from what everyone knew. He even communicated with different people differently to be relevant to their specific situation or need.

We change things in the church whether it be the color of the walls, the stage decor, stage props, the seating patterns, the line-up of a service experience, the format of the bulletin, the whatever because too much of the same ole same ole will produce complacency and not appeal to the people the church is called to reach.

Change keeps things fresh… I like fresh. Change creates expectancy and anticipation!

Change is a constant because we should be progressing and advancing God’s Kingdom and in order to do that, you cant do what you have always done, even if it has just been a short time…

Embrace Change and you will Embrace a Changed Life!

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