Excuses… Excuses…

People can say alot about why they do what they do and dont do what they should. We all can come up with excuses very easily. But I have found it interesting in the last several weeks the excuses that I have heard about not attending Church or being involved in Church… Specifically The Church I pastor, Oasis Church Gulf Coast.

I have heard, or read on facebook, where people say they dont have the time to attend the 1 1/2 hour service experience because they have to study, or they are too tired from a hectic week. REALLY? 1 – 1 1/2 hour… a week? Maybe you would do better on that test and get more rest if you actually made yourself available to God for such a short time… just a thought. Interesting because if there was a 2 for 1 special at JC Penny or Kohl’s, or T.J. Maxx we would be there regardless of the time consumed! We offer 2 Service Experiences for your choosing… 9:00am and 11:00am.. Come early or Late… JUST COME!

I have heard people say that the church is all about money… interesting. We rarely even pass a plate at Oasis as we have giving boxes on the walls! In our service experiences no more than 5 minutes MAX is usually discussed about giving in any degree, but yet we are all about money… REALLY? BTW, Jesus spoke on Money in 1/2 of all His Parables because He knew we would have issues about it… It is funny we save up and spend alot of money to go watch a football game, (which by the way, the NFL, is all about MONEY.. just sayin…) and never gripe about the NFL being all about money like we do the church!

I have heard it said that people can’t serve in any area of ministry because they just dont have that extra time during the week… But we will make the time to watch 5 hours of American Idol this past week without a second thought.

I’m not writing this to be on a tangent and I know people are going to want to reply with an excuse filled email on why this doesnt relate to them, and you are welcome to do that and you are also welcome to join the Excuse-Givers club as you do. My heart is actually aching for people to get their priorities in order so Jesus can use them and do more in them and take away the anxiety and the stress and the fear and whatever it may be that you deal with.

He promises to do that very thing when we Draw close to Him… He says He will draw Near to us. That doesnt mean with a Sharpie! His Presence will invade your space when you open the door for Him by making Him your Priority in life. I have seen marriages crumble and lives wither away in stress because all the above mentioned things took more priority in their lives than Making Jesus the Center of it.

Dont make that mistake… Dont make an excuse.

We all can come up with any kind of excuse we want to so that we dont have to do what we know we ought to do and you will continue to swim in this sea of void called life if you dont have Christ as the Center-piece of your life! Jesus said He is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE… THE LIFE… THE LIFE… That dont just mean ETERNAL LIFE… LIFE ON THIS EARTH in ABUNDANCE He said He came to give. Come back to Him. Give Him the time again He desires so He can do in your heart and life what only He can do!

The Church is a place of refreshing, spiritual growth, and a hospital for those who are sick or lost. There is something special about “The House” when God’s People come and worship Him! There is no perfect church because we are in it! People that is… You can make all the excuses you want as why you wont attend a service or get involved, please dont gripe about life and the hardship thereof when the Answer has already been given… We all need more of that Peace that surpasses all understanding and it only comes from the The Lord… Attend the Life-Giving church of your choice this weekend and allow Jesus to change you from the inside out!  If you dont have a home church, I invite you to Oasis Church Gulf Coast at 9 or 11 Sunday morning! Check us out on Facebook too at this link: Oasis Church Facebook Page.

Have a Great weekend!

One thought on “Excuses… Excuses…

  1. Kathy(The Way Church) March 4, 2011 / 2:42 pm

    Funny…..I found myself yesterday finding excuses not to be able to work a softball game concession stand. My excuse, I have previous obligations to my God and my church. Not that I always do but I’m trying to turn my excuses around to where other things have to wait til I’m done with what God has me doing today.

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