Just a FYI Post…

Man, has this week been CRAZY!!! To be honest with you, this has been one of the most stressful, demanding weeks I can recall in some time. I can go into a spiritual discourse as to why that is, but I believe we arent called to sit around and compare who had / has the worst week and day, but just step up and do something about it. So… here is my “do something about it” blog post…

When you have problems and situations, we must be more active at resolving and pursuing closure and stability more so than reactive to the emotions of the moment. I am working on this, but I am also establishing new boundaries that I have never had to do before… Case in point:

I have a Facebook (FB) account. I like Facebook (FB). I like to stay connected with the people that are in my church and the friends and family that I have who are scattered across the nation. I dont stay on FB as much as many, but in the last several months, as our church has continued to grow and impact this region… (PRAISE GOD!!!), More and more are using FB as a direct contact to me about whatever complaint, issue, problem, etc, they may have and I have discovered myself spending alot of time redirecting and resolving issues and conflicts that are not really my issue or conflict to resolve… I have also noticed people getting irate and mad when I dont respond in the time frame they had in their minds that I should respond to and therefore, I am creating a new protocol to help everyone…

The primary contact for myself or Oasis Staff or leaders is through the ADMIN office at 228-762-5639. For me personally, my assistant, Kathy Xenos, can help you with requests and whatever that may be needed from my office. Oasis staff and leaders can be reached on their facebook pages or through the same number by talking to Stacye Holley in ADMIN as she is the primary Administrative Assistant to the staff and members of Oasis Church.

My FB Page and email will be checked by my assistant and maybe some others to help facilitate requests that come in and direct some of these requests to the correct venue or person they are needing. My emails will also be screened and checked by my assistant so a more timely response can be given and to eliminate the burden off me of some 200 emails and messages a week!!! Of those 200 or so a week, only about 10-20% require my direct response. My assistants are going to help me respond to the ones of priority and handle the others so my attention can be on the ones that are more urgent and priority.

This process is going to be better for everyone as we are trying to streamline the process of connection with the ministries of Oasis Church and me personally. I hope you understand the reasoning and purpose behind this move.

Oasis is growing and we are so excited about that!!! We want to better serve the people who are a part of Oasis Church and the Oasis network and this is another step of organization to insure that happens. We have several pastors on staff and leaders who respond to and help in many different areas of ministry that is requested and we need a better system through the above mentioned venues to get information to them so they can respond in a more timely manner.

We are also encouraging Oasis Members to participate in a Life Group to stay connected and have a direct contact for prayer requests and personal discipleship and mentorship as well… More on this coming in the upcoming weeks…

You can be assured that any message you send or email will be in the utmost confidentiality if it goes to one of my assistants before arriving to me. Every employee and staff member of Oasis Church is required to sign a confidentiality agreement that protects you and your confidential disclosures.

The ADMIN office is open from 9-3 Monday – Thursday and can assist you personally during those hours. If during lunch or after hours, there is a computerized system that can direct your call to the staff member you are requesting. If unsure, just leave a message on the Office Extension, 101, and Stacye will direct your call.

Appointments are required to be made through the ADMIN office for a meeting, speaking request, or sit down with any staff member of Oasis Church by calling the 228-762-5639 or email at office@oasisonline.tv, my assistant Kathy at kxenos@OasisOnline.tv or the Oasis Church Main website that has all the information and contact procedures at http://www.OasisOnline.tv and Oasis has a Facebook page too at http://www.facebook.com/OasisChurchGulfCoast.

Thank you so much for your understanding in this issue.. We are trying to better serve the people of Oasis Church and the region that we are called to reach and this structure is going to help better administrate that connection. You can still follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/ericcamp.

One other point I forgot to mention, My wife, Toni, is now at Oasis and will be working to insure connection, creative, and administratively all is working in excellence! So if you get a call from a connection card you filled out, you will most likely be speaking to her initially!!

Have an AWESOME week!!! We conclude the “I believe in You” series this weekend and next weekend start a new series called “mychurch” that will lead us into Easter!!! Hope to see you soon!!!

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